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About Us

AFI was founded with a vision of uniting Adventist friends who share common spiritual and health interests. Its humble beginning involved a formal meet for the 1st Annual Volleyball tournament, with participation from six teams representing different regions of England.


We gathered for the first time in Stoke-on-Trent, enveloped by a spirit of enthusiasm and camaraderie. The event's success prompted us to expand, and the following year, we welcomed our first foreign team, marking a significant milestone in our journey.


With the arrival of the Irish Lions Team, our event truly became international, giving birth to the 2nd Annual International Volleyball Tournament. The tournament grew greatly, attracting a remarkable 12 teams. London served as the meeting point for this exhilarating event.


The 3rd Annual International Volleyball tournament continued the tradition in London, adding a spiritual dimension to the festivities. The tournament evolved into a religious, physical, and social gathering, featuring a weekend filled with activities. New teams from the USA, Scotland, France, and Ireland joined the event, making it even more diverse.


The tournament solidified its place as an annual highlight in everyone's calendar with the 4th Annual tournament. Sabbath services and Gospel concerts became integral components, drawing families from across England and beyond. The tournament itself garnered immense support, with 12 teams competing passionately, cheered on by enthusiastic children and adults.


The tournament in 2020 was unfortunately canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the spirit of the event endured and ignited its revival in the following years.


Despite the cancellation in 2020 due to the global pandemic, hope for revival emerged in 2021. The 5th Annual International Volleyball tournament reignited, commencing with a Sabbath service and followed by a gospel concert and social program. The tournament welcomed 2 new teams from Fuji along with teams from the USA and Ireland, fueling our vision to expand further and foster connections worldwide.


The 1st Quinquennial Celebration in Maryland, USA, was an incredible celebration from July 29th to July 31st. It began with a heartfelt worship service at the General Conference Auditorium, setting the tone for an unforgettable weekend. Attendees enjoyed an amazing concert and thrilling sports activities, forging new friendships. Sixteen teams from around the world competed in intense volleyball matches at Soccerplex, captivating spectators. The event concluded with an awards ceremony, where the Spencerville team from Maryland, USA, emerged as victorious. Founder Paul Spicer Dorairaj received a governor's citation for his efforts in organizing this magnificent event.  It was a truly memorable and joyous time, filled with fun for all who attended.

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