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Professional Volleyball Game

Unity, Growth, Friendly Competition

         Welcome to Advent Friends International (AFI)! Join our global community of friends as we come together from around the world for thrilling sporting events and uplifting worship services. AFI combines fellowship, worship, and excitement, fostering joyful connections and unforgettable experiences. Celebrate shared beliefs, forge meaningful friendships, and embrace unity. Join us at upcoming events for a remarkable journey of faith, friendship, and self-discovery.



“Greetings to you all in the sweet name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Advent Friends International–a Christ-centered network–is a platform that fosters the development of both spiritual and exercise fellowship, enables team bonding, promotes holistic development, expresses our talents, and enables us to pass on the great Adventist legacy which we have inherited from our blessed parents and leaders. Passing on and reflecting this light can be exercised through our spiritual programs, music concerts, and various other games and physical activities. As we come together, we reflect on our past, renew our friendship, rejoice in the Lord, and get revitalized to live and serve our Master. Let us use our talents and gifts for the glory of God and use every opportunity to bring a smile to each other.


Fostering unity and holistic growth through friendly competition, aiming to strengthen our community.


To cultivate and foster holistic growth, empowering individuals to embrace their full potential and positively impact future generations.

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